At Zee, it gives us an immense pleasure to recognise the great women of this beautiful continent of ours called Africa.

We celebrate the many milestones on the road to gender equality, and the fight for rights and opportunities for women and girls in Africa and around the world.

Women are the backbone of our societies and the glue which holds our families. When women succeed, nations are safer, and more prosperous. Over the last year, we’ve seen women and girls inspiring communities and entire countries to stand up for freedom and justice. We are proud that on Zee World (166), we have brought such women to your screens. Throughout the year on our series, we portray strong women like Saloni, courageous women like Laali, forgiving women like Archana and many more to look up to.

During this Women’s Month, we are also here to honour the quiet heroes who have shaped this continent from the very beginning. We honour the women who have travelled those lonely roads to be the first ones in those courtrooms, to be the first ones in those boardrooms, to be the first ones on those playing fields, and to be the first ones on those battlefields.

We honour women who refused to listen to those who say that they couldn’t or shouldn’t pursue their dreams. We honour women who may not have had many opportunities in their own lives, women who poured everything they had into making sure that their daughters and their granddaughters could pursue their dreams; women who, as the poet Alice Walker once wrote: "Knew what we must know without knowing it themselves".

"We wish all women a Happy International Women’s Day and thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for us," says Harish Goyal, CEO of Zee TV Africa.