The MyDStv App

News 12 October 2023

Bringing the Power right to customers' fingertips

The MyDStv App

DStv reaffirms its commitment to providing better convenience and more innovative services with the evolving  MyDStv App. This digital platform is designed to serve subscribers with an array of functionalities, eliminating the need for physical visits or calls to customer service centres.

The aim is straightforward: bringing DStv's wide range of services and entertainment options directly into customers' hands, ensuring uninterrupted access.

With the MyDStv App, DStv continues to champion the future of entertainment, promoting autonomy and offering tools that provide subscribers with complete control over their viewing experiences.


Here's How the MyDStv App Enhances the DStv Experience:

  • Complete Account Management: From checking balances to package switching, it’s all made easier.
  • Instant Troubleshooting: Decode and rectify error messages with just a tap, sidestepping the need for service calls or technician visits.
  • Easy Payments: A wide range of secure payment options designed for the utmost


"The world is moving at a brisk pace, and our goal is to keep our valued customers ahead, providing them with tools that ensure ease, efficiency, and empowerment. The MyDStv App represents this vision. It's more than just an app; it’s a companion for an enriched entertainment experience," says [insert spokesperson name].

Guide on How To Harness the MyDStv App:

  1. Getting Started:
  • Visit the Apple iStore or Google Play Store, search for “MyDStv”, and follow the on-screen guidelines to register.
  1. Manage Your Account with Ease:
  • Use the “Account Management” tab in the app to view subscription balances or customise your package.
  1. Troubleshoot Like a Pro:
  • Select the type of error message displayed on your decoder from the “Troubleshoot” section and rectify.
  1. Make Seamless Payments:
  • Choose from various payment methods in the “Payments” section.
  1. Stay Connected and Upgrade Seamlessly:
  • In the app, navigate to the “Subscription” section for upgrades or to ensure your subscription remains active.

Make sure you remain connected, upgrade, or reconnect your DStv subscription to guarantee you don’t miss a moment.

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