The only thing better than watching the BIG game is watching it wherever, whenever.

Watch hours of live sport from only R20 per game.

  • It’s a whole new ball game when it comes to watching live soccer no matter where you are. At home, or on your phone, your destination is no biggie thanks to Telkom and DStv Now.

    Download the DStv Now app, dial *180*1*5*1*3*1# and select your Telkom LIT Soccer bundle.

    Sport Ticket
  • Take a look at the various LIT Soccer Bundles on offer.

    Data Package Price Hours of viewing on mobile*
    500MB R20 2 hours
    1GB R40 4 hours
    2GB R60 8 hours
    5GB R99 16 hours
    50GB R231 200 hours

    500MB R20 - 2 hours*

    1GB R40 - 4 hours*

    2GB R60 - 8 hours*

    2GB R99 - 16 hours*

    2GB R231 - 200 hours*

    * Approximate duration with viewing in the lowest quality setting within the DStv Now app

  • To connect with greatness and stream all those epic sporting moments, simply follow these steps.

    How to use:

    1. Dial *180*1*5*1*3*1# to buy your data
    2. Select your Telkom LIT Soccer bundle
    3. Login or Register with your Connect ID
    4. Start watching