Important notice to existing M-Net analogue customers about digital migration

We want to thank our loyal M-Net analogue customers for their support over the years and we look forward to continue to offer you world-class entertainment. Please take a moment to read the FAQs below for an update on digital migration and what that means to you.

What is happening with M-Net analogue?

Even though South Africa has started the digital migration process of changing the current analogue television signals to digital technology and we’ve launched our GOtv service, it is important to note that we are NOT migrating our existing M-Net analogue customers now.

When your M-Net analogue decoder breaks, you can swap it out for another M-Net analogue decoder. Please DO NOT swap it out for a GOtv decoder. You cannot migrate to GOtv now as the M-Net offering we will give you is not available on this platform as yet.

The migration will not happen for some time as we’re ensuring the digital terrestrial television service is fully rolled out and stable before we migrate existing M-Net analogue customers.

We will be in touch with you to let you know when you need to migrate, which will only be much later this year or even next year.

We’ll assist you with your set up – we’ll take a new decoder to you and help with the installation. You will only pay a small migration fee.

We’ll migrate your account to a special package that includes M-Net and CSN with free to air channels. This package will cost the same as your current M-Net analogue package and is offered exclusively to existing M-Net analogue customers only.

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