How does DStv Catch Up work once I've connected my DStv Explora to the internet?

Once you’ve connected your DStv Explora to the internet and switched the feature on, the DStv Catch Up menu is updated with additional content available for you to download. This takes a few minutes. There are now hundreds of extra titles for you to choose from and you’ll notice that instead of 1 or 2 episodes per series, there’ll be many more available – perfect for an afternoon of binge viewing from the comfort of your couch.

When browsing DStv Catch Up, you’ll see a download icon next to any content which is available to download.
•    To download content, select the programme and press OK.
•    There are two options. You can either watch it while it downloads, or download it and watch it later.
•    If you select WATCH NOW, a 30 second countdown starts after which the programme will start playing.
•    If you select DOWNLOAD, the programme will be scheduled for download and you can only watch it once it has fully downloaded. To check for downloads, press CATCH UP, press ALT and go to “Downloads” in the Download Manager.

Like all the other recorded content on your DStv Explora, if you stop watching the programme, and come back to it later, you can easily resume from where you left off. Parental Control rules are also applied and a valid PG PIN must be entered before any PG-blocked programmes can be viewed.
Once you’ve watched the programme, you can delete it (or you can leave it to be automatically deleted when it expires). However, as there’s a limit of 25 downloaded DStv Catch Up programmes at any one time, we recommend you delete a show once you’ve watched it, to make space for more downloads.