The new DStv Explora remote control - More shortcut buttons and seamless functions!
The Explora is compatible with both the A5 and A6 remote controls. The main distinction between the two remotes is that the A6 is a programmable remote, while the A5 is not. These remotes can easily be identified by the TV button, black for A5 and white for A6, as well as the model number printed on the back of the remote.
DStv A5 Remote Control Quick Guide (1.1MB)
DStv A6 Remote Control Quick Guide (1MB)
DStv A6 Remote Control Advanced Options (1MB)
About the A5 and A6 remotes

  • Only compatible with the DStv Explora
  • Supports multiple modes (3)
  • Designed to fit your hand, with raised buttons and varied textures for ease of use
  • Visual feedback when a remote control button is pushed
  • SMS keys for easy text entry
  • The A6 can be programmed to control other audio/visual equipment
  • 12-month warranty from date of purchase.


A5/A6 DStv Explora Remote
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 Advanced: Home automation/control
Users wanting to control their DStv Explora via their home automation systems or with other universal remote controls need the HEX files with remote information. Use the files shared below to program these devices.
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A6 RCU Beyond Platinum IR Protocol (MNEC - MODE1 & 2)
DStv A6 RCU Beyond Platinum IR Protocol (MNEC - Model 1) (80KB)
DStv A6 RCU Beyond Platinum IR Protocol (MNEC - Model 2) (80KB)
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Logitec Harmony Remote
Customers that use a Logitech Harmony remote can add codes to their Harmony remote with their remote control application, from Logitech. 

These codes were generated in collaboration between Beyond Platinum and Logitech. We would value and appreciate customer feedback to ensure we have as much info as posible to ensure that the codes are working as efficiently as possible.

Steps to get these codes working on the Harmony remote
With the Logitech remote control app that is connected to the internet:


  1. Select “ADD DEVICE”
  2. Under “DEVICES” select “SATELLITE”
  4. Under “MODEL” type the words “Explora MODE1” or “Explora MODE2” (DO NOT type the inverted commas but be sure to type the words Explora MODE1 or Explora MODE2 exactly as shown)