Zee TV pageant logo.

Zee TV (452) in association with India Culture Pageants proudly present Miss India South Africa (Gauteng) 2016. Miss India SA has been around for 24 years in the country, and this year marks its silver jubilee. Since last year, the involvement of Zee TV has sky rocketed this event to success. 

Zee TV has officially become the naming sponsor of the pageant - Miss India South Africa, which will carry the channel’s name and logo. 

The regional pageants will be held throughout the year with the first pageant of the year being the Zee TV Miss India Gauteng Pageant at the Lyric Theatre, at Gold Reef City on Saturday 12 March. The Zee TV Miss India South Africa International on Saturday 9 April in Durban. Then comes the Zee TV Miss India South Africa Pageant KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday 30 July
There are two other regional events, one in Ladysmith and the other in Bloemfontein. 

Finally, the national title The Zee TV Miss India South Africa 2016 pageant will be held at the end of the year from Monday 5 December to Saturday 10 December at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg. 

Zee TV’s Chief Executive Officer for Africa Harish Goyal confirmed that four contestants from Miss India SA 2015 had undergone auditions to explore joining the Zee talent team. The Zee TV team are holding thumbs for these lucky ladies and wish them all the best. The tapes are currently being viewed in Mumbai and a decision will be taken shortly. 

Finally, pageant director Preetha Nanhoo revealed that a new pageant called The Empress, which is specifically for married women, will be launched at the Zee TV Miss India Gauteng Pageant 2016 at Gold Reef City on Saturday 12 March. 

“This is our Silver Jubilee year and the pageant has now been elevated as an avenue of opportunity for our contestants,” said Nanhoo.

This prestigious event is a stepping stone for young women to make their mark in the world, it encourages and enables them to reach their dreams and serves as an inspiration to women all over the world that anything is possible. 

We can definitely expect 2016 to be a fruitful year for Zee TV Miss India South Africa. Enjoy Zee TV exclusively on the DStv Indian package.