Zavion Kotze

Former Survivor Zavion Kotze now has his own reality-TV show on VIA.

Fans of M-Net’s Survivor South Africa: Champions will certainly remember Zavion Kotze, the openly gay events coordinator and decathlete, from his days on the island. If you were a fan of him then you’re in for a treat: Zavion now has his very own reality-TV show on VIA, a brand-new Afrikaans entertainment-lifestyle channel on channel 147.

Here's a little taste of what you can expect:


Zavion follows the life of the show’s super-busy hero as he balances the decathlons and glamorous weddings filling up his diary – and the cameras can only try to keep up with his fast-paced life!

“Picture me sprinting on an athletics track with a bunch of flowers in my hand, my dad screaming that I should run faster and a bride begging me if she can have peonies for her wedding,” Zavion reveals. “It’s going to be awesome and worth the watch.”

Viewers can expect nothing short of addictive TV – and we’re not just talking about the drama surrounding a wedding! Zavion is also currently training to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next year and the show will follow both the joys and disappointments of his journey to the stadium.

“My plan is to qualify and I’ve got until the end of June next year to do it. The South African Championships are in April next year and ideally I’d like to do it then,” says Zavion. “I’m currently working on my strength, technique and fitness. From next year it’s all going to be about training like an Olympian.”

From the track to the aisle, there’s sure to be no shortage of drama. But Zavion will also tug at your heartstrings: in the third episode (24 November) a close family friend will lose her battle against cancer in the same week Zavion’s family are celebrating his father Wayne’s five cancer-free years. Be sure to keep the tissues close by.

New episodes of Zavion air every Tuesday at 18:00 on VIA (147).