If you’ve yet to stream one of the most popular romcoms on Showmax, Younger, best you start binge-watching the show soon as Showmax has just added the first four episodes of the latest season.

The romantic comedy series stars Tony Award-winner Sutton Foster as Liza Miller, a 40-something single mom who reboots her career and love life by pretending to be in her late-twenties. With her career in publishing on track and a blossoming, but complicated, social life all seems to be working out for Liza. But keeping up the lie becomes harder as her relationships with her new colleagues and friends grow deeper.

Season 5 is expected to be the most dramatic with the lead actors warning that “all hell is about to break loose”.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, here are five more reasons to watch Younger:

1. It’s like Sex and the City, but better

Created by Darren Star, who gave us Sex and the City in the 90s, the shows are often compared. They’re both set in New York, focus on dating and female friendships, and showcase designer outfits. The Daily Beast wrote that Younger is “the Sex and the City replacement we all craved”. But for many it’s more ambitious that Sex and the City in that it tackles some topical issues, including the #metoo movement in season 5.

2. It features good old-fashioned romance

Liza’s been caught in a love triangle between a hot young tattoo artist, Josh (The Following’s Nico Tortorella) and her charming older boss, Charles (Law & Order: SVU’s Peter Hermann) for most of the first four seasons. Liza is not the only one dealing with matters of the heart. Kelsey (Hilary Duff) has a triangle of her own in season 5. Meanwhile, the show’s inclusion of non-traditional relationships (Lauren is pansexual and Maggie lesbian) has been praised by fans and critics alike.

3. The drool-worthy wardrobe

Vulture called Younger “one of the most fashionable shows on television” with “completely fabulous” outfits worn in each episode. Molly Bernard, who plays Lauren, said her shoe collection has grown since starting the show. “I now have a rack that goes over my closet door – 24-pair rack – and it’s not enough space. This show has ruined me – and my bank account,” said during a recent fan Q&A.

4. The characters are inspired by real-life authors

Younger takes a glossy peak into the book publishing industry and pays homage to the real world authors such as Candace Bushnell, George RR Martin and John Green with fictionalised versions while also featuring cameos by Jennifer Weiner and Erica Jong. Sometimes life imitates art too. The Marriage Vacation, a fictional book that plays a big part in seasons 4 and 5 has been published and is available to buy. “The lines between Younger and the actual publishing industry feel pleasurable blurry,” wrote The New Yorker.

5. It’s a reviewer favourite

Scoring a rare 99% among critics on Rotten Tomatoes, Younger is one of the best-reviewed series in the world. The fourth season was the highest-rated and most-watched run yet. “Younger, one of my personal favourites, has been a huge hit with South African audiences, taking bingeing to all new levels season after season,” says Candice Fangueiro, Showmax’s head of content: Africa.

Seasons 1 to 4 as well as the first four episodes of Season 5 are now available on Showmax. From 1 August episodes 5-8 will be added, followed by the last three episodes express from the US.