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An image of Winnie Mashaba who hosts Amahubo on Dumisa.

Award-winning gospel star Winnie Mashaba is the presenter for Amahubo, which airs Mondays at 18:00 on Dumisa.  

On the show, Winnie interviews other gospel musicians as they share their life journey and their favourite inspirational songs. 

The Ke Rata Wena singer also has a great wardrobe and loves to experiment with colors and patterns.

Check out some of our favourite looks from her:




What else is on, on Dumisa?

Don't miss out on a coverage of Christian related events like clap and tap choirs and priest ordinations on Meletlo Tuesdays at 18:00. 

Leeto follows the history of choirs and shows insight on how choirs were established and what's kept them going. Catch it Fridays at 18:00.