Artwork for Into the Badlands on AMC

Before the epic premiere of Into the Badlands on SundanceTV (108), Tuesday 15 August at 21:00, make sure you know who’s who:

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where the most brutal rose to wealth and power on the backs of the many. This area is now called the Badlands, and is uneasily divided among seven rival Barons. These men and women control the resources necessary to daily life. Each Baron enforces their iron rule with the aid of loyal armies of trained assassins known as Clippers.

Before the epic premiere of Into the Badlands on SundanceTV (108), Tuesday 15 August at 21:00, make sure you know who’s who:


Sunny - Daniel Wu

Sunny is Regent (Head Clipper) to the Badlands’ most powerful Baron, Quinn. He is the ideal right-hand man: a prodigiously skilled, merciless killer with a keen strategic mind, unflappable temperament and deep sense of loyalty. Found as a naked, starving child, Sunny remembers nothing about his origins or birth parents. He has slain hundreds since, growing inured to the act of killing, even as he records each death with a black line tattooed (kill tat) on his back. 



Quinn - Marton Csokas

Ruthless, enigmatic, shrewd and charming, Quinn is the Badlands’ preeminent Baron. A former Clipper, Quinn secured his position the old-fashioned way: he killed for it, murdering the very Baron who trained him. Given his own trajectory, it’s not surprising that Quinn spares no expense to ensure the satisfaction of his Clippers, who constitute the largest, best-trained and best-outfitted army in the Badlands. 


Lydia - Orla Brady

Lydia is Quinn’s first wife and is both his fiercest critic and most devoted follower. Without her astute counsel, he wouldn’t have ascended so far. While Lydia never doubted Quinn possessed the makings of a Baron, she is less sure about their son, Ryder. As much as she loves her only child and wants to see him succeed Quinn, she is well aware of his flaws. 


Jade - Sarah Bolger

Jade grew up as a Cog in Quinn’s house. Now in her early 20s, she is a beautiful young woman whose beguiling demeanour hides a core of ambition and tenacity. She is about to become Quinn’s wife, and aims to eclipse Lydia in her husband’s affections. Her experience growing up as a Cog gives Jade a different perspective and informs her opinions about how Quinn should run his opium empire. 



MK - Aramis Knight

Saved from mercenary Nomads by Sunny, MK is taken to Quinn’s walled compound, The Fort. A seemingly average teenage boy, MK is anything but. Lurking inside him is a dark energy that is only unleashed when his skin is cut. No longer himself, he becomes an unstoppable force with heightened and brutally lethal martial arts skills. Haunted by his murderous capacity, MK tries to keep his unwanted powers a secret. But Sunny senses something different about the teen, and it isn’t long before MK is forced to tell the Clipper the truth. 


The Widow - Emily Beecham

The Widow is the Badlands’ newest Baron. It is rumoured, correctly, that she murdered her husband but few know the story behind her act. A brilliant martial artist, she has adopted a blue-winged butterfly as her Baronial symbol, representing a transformation from insignificance to beauty and power. Since succeeding her husband, The Widow has amassed a crew of young female warriors: her Butterflies. 


Veil - Madeleine Mantock

Veil is a doctor who specialises in making and fitting “mimics”, prosthetic limbs. She is unlike anyone Sunny has ever known: principled and honest, loving and supportive.  Orphaned as a baby, Veil was given by Quinn to his personal doctor. The child was a token of gratitude to the doctor who helped saved Lydia’s life when she delivered Ryder. 


Tilda - Alexia Ioannides

Sixteen-year-old Tilda has flourished under the guidance of her Baron, The Widow. She has evolved into a confident, self-reliant teenage assassin. Brave and quick-witted, Tilda is profoundly grateful to The Widow, who saved her from abuse. Though she has dedicated her life to her Baron, Tilda remains an independent thinker who will follow her own conscience. 


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