DStv has a fresh line-up of shows where the lead characters know how to get things done.

If you were trouble, which of these M-Net fixers would you call?

Ray Donovan

There’s nothing this Hollywood fixer hasn’t seen or done on the job: sex, drugs, violence… you name it. Ray used to work for the powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler, fulfilling client requests from bribes to threats, but now he’s out on his own. Born in Boston, with Irish ancestry, Ray thrives off the seedy underbelly of society, the place where two wrongs make a right. This bad boy has no problem dirtying his hands but somehow manages to redeem himself with acts of kindness toward his troubled family.

How he’s proved his fixing skills

From movie stars who wake up with dead strangers in their bed and don’t know how to make it “go away” to taking out the entire Armenian mafia to protect his family … this is how Ray shot to the front of the queue as the man to call when you’re in a fix. No matter how messy the situation, Ray knows how to make it go away – every time.

Fix-O-Metre: 5/5

Sure his work is messy and often a fix-gone-wrong dissolves into utter chaos but at the end of the day, trusty Ray always manages to dump the body or find the girl so the show can go on.

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Elizabeth McCord
When it comes to America’s foreign affairs, diplomacy falls in the hands of the US Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord. She’s an upstanding mom-of-two who speaks five languages, including Persian.  Her work at the CIA (for two decades!) strengthened her investigative skills. Liz has a nose for getting to the bottom of a crisis and smoothing things over. She takes no BS and can play basketball in heels too.
How she’s proved her fixing skills
Liz uncovered how the colleague she replaced was murdered. And you know in the past how US-Cuba relations were a little strained. It was Liz and her Cuban counterpart who put a US embassy in Cuba and vice-versa and ended the trade embargo. She also prevented a potential US-Russia war.  
Fix-O-Metre: 4/5
Elizabeth is squeaky clean. She doesn’t break the rules, she just works around them to solve the political issues that land on her desk. She uses off-the-record negotiations, legislative arm-twisting and her CIA know-how to outwit her rivals. 
Olivia Pope
She’s a style siren and a former lover of the US President, but Olivia’s true grit lies in her ability to sway public opinion. She’s a powerful woman, a crisis manager who was the head of Pope & Associates, a firm that fixes political scandals. Olivia is so good at burying the truth – she’s now the Chief of Staff for the president. She’s fierce about loyalty in her employees but her own moral compass doesn’t always face true north.
How she’s proved her fixing skills
Whether it’s sex scandals, election rigging or murder at the white house, the smart and resourceful Olivia is an expert at turning event around in her client’s favour. Her biggest fix yet was helping President Fitzgerald win office in season one. And in season six, after the new president-elect was assassinated, Olivia found out who the true instigator was, and set that wrongs right. 
Fix-O-Metre 3/5
Over the past six seasons, Olivia’s problem-solving skills have come with heavier consequences – even death at her bidding. Her fixing style started off clean-cut in a dog-eat-dog political world but as time has passed, is Olivia becoming just as dark as some of her clients?