AN image of the cast of Daytime Divas

1Magic, DStv channel 103, is bringing these an exciting talk show on The Lunch Hour.

In this series we meet four women who discuss life, love, politics and gossip in their talk show The Lunch hour

Watch Daytime Divas Tuesdays at 20:30 on 1Magic. Also available on DStv Now. 

Behind-the-scenes it's a different ball game as these ladies who appear as the greatest friends have power struggles and an assistant who is out for revenge on the lead host Maxine Robinson (Vanessa Williams).

Did you know that Vanessa won Miss America in 1983. She’s been on Soul Food, Ugly Betty and Eraser amongst others. The other members of the cast are Chloe Bridges as Kibby Ainsley who is a recovering addict and co-host, Camille Guaty plays Nina Sandoval who is co-host and a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist while Fiona Gubelmann stars as Heather Flynn-Kellogg one of the co-hosts and Tichina Arnold plays Mo who brings the funny as a co-host.

The hot McKinley Freeman plays Shawn Robinson who is Maxine's son and produces The Lunch Hour. 


Here's a gallery of the cast: