Whitney Thore dancing.

Don’t miss the season premiere of My Big Fabulous Life on Thursday, 1 September at 20:00.

It's hard not to fall for the series My Big Fat Fabulous Life because its star, Whitney Thore, is downright lovable. Whitney is a girl with a lot on her plate - she is a dancer, Body-Positive activist, author and founder of the #NoBodyShame campaign.

Ever since her Fat Girl Dancing video went viral a few years ago, she has become a TV sensation with the hit TLC Entertainment (DStv Channel 135) reality show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Known for being a strong, body-confident woman, Whitney has dealt with an eating disorder in her teens, extreme weight gain in her 20’s, depression and a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Now weighing 380 pounds, she has a fresh outlook on life and has learnt to embrace her body and love herself again while urging others to do the same. Not only is she smart, funny, open and kind, but Whitney also represents something that does not exist on reality TV - a fat person who is truly happy with herself, just the way she is.

Now back on our screens for a third season, Whitney is on her way to better health. The series opens with Whitney planning her very own dance-a-thon to raise money for charity, but four hours of straight dancing proves disastrous after being rushed to the hospital when she realises that her body is not as healthy as she thinks it is.

As she learns to manage her PCOS, Whitney is starting to see the effects of her unhealthy habits.  It’s an ongoing journey to practice self-love, self-care and making physical, mental, and emotional well-being a priority.

Watch Whitney as she tackles her weight head-on to completely transform her life. Will she be able to stay fabulous and bid farewell to her bad eating ways?

Don’t miss the season premiere of My Big Fabulous Life on Thursday, 1 September at 20:00 to find out.

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