Khanya Mkhangisa as Nolitha on Rockville Season three standing holding hip on white background

Take the quiz to find out which character on Rockville you're like.

The characters of Rockville each have their own sense of identity and their own #nicelifeproblems. But which one do you identify with the most?

Take this quick quiz to find out:

I would describe myself as: 
A. An extrovert
B. Mysterious
C. A charmer
D. Inexperienced

My #nicelifeproblem is:
A. Enjoying one too many
B. Deciding on what to do next
C. Impressing hot members of the opposite sex
D. Being too attractive

When in trouble, I:
A. Drink
B. Get my friends to help me out
C. Make a plan myself
D. Take something to help me to forget

I would say my best trait is:
A. My personality
B. My charm
C. My car
D. My body


If someone asks for my opinion, I:
A. Tell them the truth, straight up
B. Give them options
C. Tell them how I would handle it
D. Tell them I don't know

Mostly As

You’re more like the neighbourhood gossip Gladys. She is a straight talker and knows what everybody’s doing when. Even though she drinks a lot she knows what’s what.

Mostly Bs
You’re like JB. He’s been through a lot lately and he’s still trying to figure out which direction to go next. With patience anything is possible. 

Mostly Cs
Easy going? Living life one day at a time? Living to impress your friends and score hot partners? Then you’re like Oupa. He’s a smart guy, it’s just that he like to splurge. He hasn’t been lucky in the love department but we’re sure he won’t give up.

Mostly Ds
You’re like Nolitha. She came to Johannesburg to try find a job but her life took a turn for the unexpected. We hope she will come to her senses.


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