An image of Susan Olsen from Brady Bunch

Catch Oprah's interviews with Brady Bunch actress Susan Olsen and movie star Molly Ringwald.

Don’t miss the popular programming on TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) this month with all new intriguing interviews with celebrities in Where Are They Now?

During The Brady Bunch's original run, it only found modest success, but it became a huge hit in syndication.

Despite the show's continued popularity, Susan Olsen, the actress who portrayed the precocious Cindy Brady, says the actors haven't made a dime off of it since 1979. Watch as Oprah takes a deep dive into the life of Susan Olsen in Where Are They Now: Brady Bunch premiering on Sunday, 19 July at 20:00.

Then, don’t miss as Oprah interviews Molly Ringwald in Where Are They Now: Molly Ringwald premiering on Sunday, 26 July at 20:00. In the 1980s, teenagers around the world identified with Molly Ringwald, the young star of iconic movies like Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink.

Now, Molly is all grown up with children of her own. Watch as she opens up about her adolescent insecurities and explains why these films still resonate with teens today.

She also talks about her passion for jazz singing and performs her cover of the Simple Minds song made famous byThe Breakfast Club

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