An image of the cast of #yougogot

It was a media day to launch the new and exclusive show Celebrities Uncovered with Anele Mdoda as executive producer. The premise of the show would be to go undercover to see what SA celebrities do when they think no one is watching. Imagine our shock and horror when Toll A$$ Mo came barging in, disrupting the press conference with accusations and reasons why this show should not go on.  

There was shock, panic and confusion, followed by even more of that when we realised we’d been pranked for an episode of #yougotgot.  Watch a teaser of how this prank unfolded below and see how it went down on Saturday 28 May at 13:00 on MTV (322). 

See who gets got next on an all-new shocking episode of #yougotgot on Monday 30 May at 21:15 on MTV, with repeats on Saturdays at 13:00 on MTV Base.