ITV Choice: Ant & Dec

Take this quiz to find out what you should be watching!

With the launch of ITV Choice last week, we’re revelling in the awesome entertainment that has been gracing our screens on DStv channel 123.
But with so much awesome entertainment, it’s difficult to know how to pick a favourite. Fear not, here’s a little quiz you can take to see what your absolute fave is:

Which of these gets your heart racing?
a) A live circus performance
b) Solving a mystery
c) Joking about authority 
d) Aidan Turner with his shirt off

Which is your favourite hobby?
a) Dancing
b) Treasure hunting
c) Stand-up comedy
d) Poetry

Who would you rather have dinner with?
a) Kelly Clarkson
b) Horatio Cane
c) Chris Rock
d) Ian McKellen

What’s your accessory of choice?
a) A cane
b) Gloves
c) A busy tie
d) A pocket watch

Check out your favourite programme below:

Mostly A's
You'll love catching Get Your Act Together. Hosted by Stephen Mulhern, GYAT is a mix of variety acts that will keep you on the edge of you seat. Each week, five celebs will take to the stage to showcase an incredible talent taught to them by some of the world’s most talented acts! Action can include anything from fire-breathing to contortion. Make sure to check it out on Sundays at 21:30 CAT.

Mostly B's
Vera, starring Oscar-nominated actress Branda Blethyn (Pride and Prejudice; Little Voice) is a highly acclaimed crime drama just up your alley It's is full of suspense and mystery as Vera and her team try to solve murders and reveal secrets in a seaside town with a tight-knit community. Be sure to check it out on Tuesdays at 21:00 CAT.

Mostly C's
You'll adore Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway!  They provide an fun-packed show filled with constant excitement. Expect huge surprises, challenges and celeb guests pushed to the limit – this is one outrageous show you’ll want to see. Make sure to catch it on Saturdays at 20:30 CAT.

Mostly D's
Looks like you could use an awesome classical drama, just like Poldark. In the highly acclaimed series, it’s 1783, and the American Revolutionary War has left Ross Poldark returning to a home consumed by war and recession. He finds his cousin has married his childhood sweetheardt and he has to start his life from scratch. This dramatic story will inspire both tears and smiles (and maybe a swoon or two) as you watch Poldark regain what he has lost in this beautiful period drama. Poldark is on Thursdays at 21:00 CAT.

You can catch all this and more on ITV Choice channel 123.