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Throughout its long history, Russia has always had a place on the world stage.

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While Russia’s influence on world events can’t be denied, it also gets credit for some things that it has nothing to do with. Here are three things with “Russian” in their name that aren’t actually Russian at all.

Russian sausages

Sausages on a grill

This South African corner café staple seems to have no relation whatsoever to Mother Russia. In fact, according to the forum on sausagemaking.org (which is a real website that exists), Russians are a uniquely South African invention whose closest ancestors are most like smoked Polish kielbasa sausages.

On a related note, there’s also no evidence that F. Scott Fitzgerald was fond of sandwiches made from russians, chips and cheese on a footlong white roll.


White Russians

White russian cocktail

The drink immortalized in The Big Lebowski can, in fact, trace its origins to The Dude’s home state of California, with the first recorded mention of the drink occurring in the Oakland Tribune in 1965.


Russian roulette

While there is a reference to the insanely dangerous game in 19th century Russian literature, it is never actually referred to as “Russian roulette”. The term was coined by American novelist Georges Surdez in 1937, when he used it for the title of a short story.