Game of Thrones daenerys, Khalesee.

We take a look at season five, episode one of Game of Thrones.

Hey Thronies! I’m sure you’re as stoked as I am that the battle for the Iron Throne commenced at a fresh 03:00 this morning! But don't fear if you've missed it because the action is on DStv Catch Up and will air during primetime on Thursdays at 21:00 on M-Net Edge.

So after waiting for the first episode of Game of Thrones season five, I must say I wasn’t disappointed. Things picked up pretty fast and it was the perfect start to what I think is going to be a historical season.

Straight away we see a young Cersei Lannister demanding to hear her future from a witch, a future she wasn’t too happy to hear: yes she would be queen but be cut down by a younger, more beautiful version. She is brought back to the present by arriving at her father’s funeral. She walks past Margaery and throws enough shade to cast Westeros into winter already… damn that woman is cold, but we see that she fears Margaery as this younger, more beautiful prophet that will knock her down. That’s A-Okay with me. I’m not sure why but I like Margaery; she’s got enough attitude and oomph to drive a hard bargain, as I’m sure Tommen will know.

The death of Tywin Lannister has sent ripples through the kingdoms and people are getting ready to attack. Tyrion managed to survive the boat trip to Pentos thanks to Varys, although The Imp was less than happy, having spent the entire journey in a tiny box. Varys makes it clear that he thinks Tyrion has the politics and compassion down and although he knows he will never take the throne, he can help another get there. So there they go – off to meet Daenerys and join her army.

Speaking of the Mother of Dragons chilling in Meereen, this Queen is having a hard time controlling her locked-up teenage dragons, but which mother doesn’t.

Jon Snow is doing his thang at The Wall, but now under the eyes of Stannis Baratheon and his creepy fire woman Melisandre – she gives me the shivers. Mance refuses to bow the knee to Stannis and is set to be burned at the stake, casually. But thanks to the heart of Jon Snow, Mance is shot with an arrow while the fire sets around him, taking his life quickly.

Sansa is looking pretty badass in black locks and a black dress alongside sneaky Petyr Baelish. They both say cheers to a useless fighting Lord Robin and set off for a land that Baelish says is so far East, not even Cersei Lannister will find her.

We haven’t seen little Miss Arya yet to my dismay! But oh that just means the anticipation continues. Man I love that kid!

Be sure to catch Game of Thrones airing simulcast to the US at 03:00 on Mondays and again during primetime on Thursdays at 21:00 on M-Net Edge. You can also enjoy watching it whenever it suits you on Catch Up.