Kom Ons Braai: Familie En Vriende S1

Watch these brand new series and returning favourites on VIA (DStv Channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now.

VIA (DStv channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now, is bringing all the entertainment home to you in March and April. So get your favourite seat ready and get comfortable as the seasons change. You can hibernate right at home, where your heart is and still experience the world – take a peek at these highlights to see what we mean.

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The brand new series Hondehuis introduces dog psychologist and presenter Carmen working with FORA (Friends for Rescued Animals), Thursdays at 17:50. The programme celebrates the lives of strays and informs viewers about the many benefits of adopting a stray as your own. 

Starting on Tuesday 27 March at 18:30, Wat Maak Jy? is a new game show, following the success of VIA’s #wmj campaign. By using games that test their social media and video business skills, two teams compete for the title of vlogger of the week. The teams’ creativity, scepticism and everything to do with vlogging are put to the test. A series of games and challenges centred around videos made by the public during the #viawmj campaign must be completed. In each episode, they also need to create their own #viawmj videos that viewers must like in order for one of the two teams to be crowned as the winner.

Season 3 of Sê Net Ja returns on 22 March, Thursdays at 20:00. Watch as a team of colourful events experts must help men pop the question to their girlfriends in the most unforgettable way possible. Can his impressive proposal turn her wow into a yes?

Kom Ons Kamp premieres Friday 13 April at 18:00, and is an exciting reality show that will see three families test their camping and surviving skills to outwit and outplay the other families. A fun-filled competition show with our most beautiful camp grounds as a backdrop. Just like braai and potjiekos, camping is part of our DNA. And in a South African first, this series is going to crown the ultimate camping family.

Still on the subject of food, Boerekos Met ‘n Twist premieres on Tuesday 9 April at 18:00 – a cooking show with the cook Annelien Pienaar. In each episode, a celebrity guest will join her in her kitchen to prepare hearty farm-style meals with a modern twist.

Tuesdays at 18:00, the beloved Coenie de Villiers will take viewers on a moving journey through the country, discovering authentic South Africans and their stories, in the new series Daar’s ‘n Plek, a new docu-reality programme. The programme will explore the lives of various people: from taxi drivers to musicians, from prison mothers to the most amazing working canines (and their handlers), grandmothers, auctioneers and even cowboys. Coenie and his team believe television has the power to connect people for the greater good. The show promises to be particularly effective as Coenie is regarded as one of the country’s best award-winning interviewers, renowned for his compassion and warmth. He brings with him a beloved TV profile built over 17 years.

Saying cheers and having a cold beer has reached a new level. Dors, Fridays at 20:00, is a new series where in each episode we get an inside peek of the fast-growing craft breweries industry. We’ll focus on the taste, how to quench your thirst, and what food to pair with it. Furthermore, beer is not a formal and stiff drink. It is funny and light and will bring happy times with stories, music and socialising.

Premiering Friday 20 April at 20:30, is Konings van Kitskos. In this ‘anti-gourmet’ food show – South Africa’s very own ‘Baby Tjoklits’, pop star Gerhard Steyn and actor Alvin Bruinders set out to find the best that the fast food industry in South Africa has to offer. The energetic duo criss-cross South Africa in search of weird and wonderful fast food joints – from ‘Oom Gert’s Paleis’ in the Kalahari to the upmarket ‘BRG’ in the heart of Rosebank – these two will not stop until they’ve satisfied their taste for the ultimate fast food experience.

There are men and women working under the warm Africa sun to protect our animals and wildlife. Veldhelde starts on Friday 20 April at 17:30 and will give viewers a chance to roll up their sleeves and experience a day in the life of these brave keepers, with brothers Willie and Joe Pietersen. Yes, this is a world most Afrikaans people know, but how many? How dangerous is it to work with rhinos in the Kruger Park? What does it mean to rehabilitate wild baboons? Why would anyone want to save SA’s most endangered snake, the Albany Pofadder? A day with these conservationists will convince you of the importance of this snake in the balance of the ecosystem as well as the beauty of the misunderstood wilderness.

Another brand new series, Slagmeester, starts Monday 30 April at 18:30 and sees successful butcher, farmer and entrepreneur Edu Hanekom who wants to pass on his knowledge and passion to two protégés. But do they have what it takes to be the next master butcher?

Haak en Steek follows 27 amateur sartors and seamstresses stitch and sew themselves towards being SA’s sewing champion and winning a big prize, from Monday 16 April at 17:00. The show is a celebration of the art, the expertise and inherent skill required to sew by hand while the craft has been mechanised and farmed out to countries with a cheaper workforce, or worse, sweatshops. Haak en Steek brings sewing back into the limelight in today’s Mzansi, showing viewers just how amazing and handy sewing can be. It shows off the difference between a basting stitch and an overcast stitch. It is about upcycling old and vintage garments, repurposing old clothes and making duvet and blanket covers. It will also be about high-end samples and embracing a renaissance in the textile cottage industry, bringing it into the homes of mainstream South Africa, one sewing school at a time. Haak en Steek is a round-robin reality talent competition for amateurs to compete.

Season 2 of Landbouweekliks returns on Tuesday 10 April, at 19:30. A magazine programme about all things agricultural in South Africa. In partnership with Lanbouweekblad. With presenter Ivor Price.

Kom Ons Braai: Familie en Vriende Season 3 returns on Tuesday 10 April at 20:30 proving that South Africa’s favourite pastime is now a social experiment. After the success of Kom Ons Braai, where three couples who are strangers invited one another for a braai, existing friendships are put to the ultimate test. Will the fire be dampened forever, will sparks fly or will the warmth of the friendship increase? Watch what happens around the fire – and we’re not just talking about the food!

The witty and eccentric Marinda Engelbrecht has one food policy: “Hunger teaches you to cook, but always keep it simple, quick and if you need to, you can bend the rules a bit as long as you throw away the evidence.” She will be visiting friends and family who can’t cook, opening their cupboards, asking the necessary, honest questions and most importantly teaching them fast and easy ways to dish up good meals. Maklik met Marinda starts Thursday 12 April at 18:00.

Can the wedding of your dreams become a reality? Watch Pasgetroud Season 7, premiering on Thursday 12 April at 18:30, as the cameras follow a couple on their wedding day and we get to see if their wish lists for their big day come true.

Waar Begin Ek Soek? Season 2 returns on Wednesday 18 April at 20:30 with investigator Leonie Erasmus helping adopted children find their long-lost biological families.

Season 4 of Plaaskombuis premieres on Wednesday 18 April at 18:00 with the beloved Elma Postma as she travels to farms to sit at the kitchen tables where the country’s best farm-style food is cooked. With Landbouweekblad.

Starting on Tuesday 24 April at 18:00, Goed, Beter, Bertus Season 2 returns with the celebrated chef and restaurateur Bertus Basson who invites us into his kitchen to share recipes, culinary secrets, and stories from his life in food. Plus: viewers are given an exclusive peek into the launch of his latest restaurant venture.

The question is Wie’s Jou Poppie? as former Miss SA and presenter, Melinda Bam is on a mission to show VIA viewers that she’s not your typical Pretoria poppie. In each episode, Melinda and a celebrity guest will take on a different challenge – from plumbing and playing rugby to farming and drag-racing – to prove they’re actually tough cookies. Season 2 starts on Wednesday 25 April at 18:30.

Watch these brand new series and returning favourites on VIA (DStv Channel 147) and streaming live on DStv Now.  

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