Code Black

In true-to-life, no-holds-barred medical procedural Code Black, now on Showmax, the emergency room staff at Angels Memorial Hospital are forced to hope for - and perform - nothing short of miracles in their day-to-day work.

When a hospital is in “Code Black”, there are more patients coming in than the staff and resources can treat. The average hospital is in Code Black around five times a year, the opening credits tell us on Code Black, but at Angels Memorial Hospital in LA, this is pretty much business as usual. So how do the ER doctors and nurses cope with the crazy influx of patients?

We’re going to tell you straight up that they don’t do it by falling in love with one another. Grey’s Anatomy, this ain’t (though you can watch Seasons 1-11 of the love-life, steamy focused medical drama on Showmax when the realness of Code Black gets too much). On Code Black, the doctors and nurses have a massive case load and have to pull together to save their patients’ lives, and their interactions are strictly business.

In fact, Code Black is so true to life that it was based on a real hospital, depicted in a documentary series of the same name, written by a doctor who spent time on the ER floor and became an executive producer of this fictional series.

The series opens with Senior ER Nurse Jesse Salander (Luis Guzman) telling the residents in typical no-nonsense fashion that for the next three years, he’s their “mama”, and that nothing goes on in the ER that he doesn’t know about. There’s no banter, there’s no romantic chemistry, but there is a palpable sense of suspense and a flicker of fear. Seconds later, a victim of a gunshot wound to the neck is delivered to the ER’s doors, and we realise immediately why this is absolutely not a show for the squeamish. What are these young doctors getting themselves into, here?

Watch Code Black on Showmax to find out.

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