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FOX is bringing the first season of WAGS Miami.

There is always drama, fights and of course living large on WAGS Miami.

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Let's see what these WAGS have been up to of late. 

Astrid Bavaresco 

She's  one smart woman, she has multiple degrees in her belt including health science and occupational theraphy.

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Astrid also has her own collection of body suits. She seems to be enjoying her single life at  the moment although she has dated many professional athletes. 

Vanessa Cole  who is with Mike Wallace an American Footballer.  

Their relationship has also come under the limelight for cheating allegations.

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She's now into real estate as a real estate investor, she's also modelled before. 

Darnell Nicole was with American footballer Reshad Jones.

They have a 4-year-old daughter Carson Cree.  She's gone into business and sells Just Breathe merchandise on her website Dear Darnell.

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It is rumored that she's now with another NFL player Darnell Dockett.

 Ashley Nicole Roberts recently wed Philip Wheeler who is an American footballer. 

They have a son together named Deuce and is currently preggers.

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She also has her own hairline range Ashè Hair Care. 

Claudia Sampedro fiancee Julius Peppers who plays in the NFL National Football League.

They also have a son together. 

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Claudia is a model and fitness bunny

Metisha Schaefer model 

She dated foormer American footballer Larry English.

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Hencha Voigt

Hencha is a personal trainer and nutritionist. She's close to Metisha.

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Hencha's dated several Glen Davis, from the Boston Celtics, Amar'e Stoudemire from the New York Knicks