The debut trailer for season 2 of Westworld was revealed at the Super Bowl, while Miss Universe Demi-Lee Nel-Peters was News Reporter for Inside Edition.

The recent Super Bowl Sunday was a night of firsts, with Miss Universe, Demi-Lee Nel-Peters from South Africa attending for the first time as News Reporter for Inside Edition. HBO placed its first ad in 20 years, the debut trailer promoting Season 2 of Westworld.  The trailer had exclusive footage, which goes beyond just the upcoming season, and includes footage from the entire Season Two, as opposed to the teaser released during Comic-Con last year, which only had footage from the first few weeks of filming.  HBO previously had ads before the big game in 1997 and 1998, but these were promoting the network as a whole.


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The Super Bowl of 4 February 2018 saw the Philadelphia Eagles emerge victorious over the defending champions New England Patriots in a thrilling game.

The Super Bowl is often one of the most-watched American television broadcasts of the year, and one of the most–watched sporting events in the world. Every year big name celebrities attend, and the event’s pre-game and halftime ceremonies see performances from popular musicians. Because of the high viewership, with a record 114 million viewers in 2015, commercial airtime during broadcast of the Big Game is the most expensive of the year, resulting in ad companies producing some of the most expensive adverts for this phenomenal broadcast. These adverts go on to become big discussion topics.

The premiere date for the thrilling AI sci-fi drama Westworld is 22 April 2018. With Game of Thrones taking the entire year off, Westworld is this year’s big showcase for HBO, with its premiere season having received many Emmy nominations. The complex drama with intriguing twists is set in a future adult theme park where guests roleplay fantasies with lifelike android hosts.  Season one saw the hosts gradually gain sentience and rebel against their human masters. Stars include Thandi Newton, Ed Harris and Jeffrey Wright.  Before filming began for Season Two, co-creators Jonathon Nolan and Lisa Joy devoted time to writing the entire season.

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by Alice da Silva