DStv updates systems.

From 12 July to 16 July, we’re upgrading our customer management system. During this time, we will be offline but your DStv viewing will continue as normal. 
We’ll be able to help you with the following queries:
•    Activate new services
•    Reconnect services
•    Clear error codes 

However, these services will be affected:
•    Service centres and touchpoints.
•    Our five DStv Service Centres will be open.
•    The MultiChoice portion of our agencies will be closed but they will be open for other business.
•    Self Service on DStv.com won’t be available.
•    We won’t be able to process any payments at our service centres.

Managing your account
•    We won’t be able to provide you with your balance, statement or account information.
•    We won’t be able to make changes to your packages - this includes disconnections, downgrades, upgrades and activating holiday viewing.

We recommend that you submit these requests to us before 10 July. Please get in touch with us after Thursday, 16 July when we’re back online.

Decoder insurance
•    We won’t be able to process any DCC claims or changes to your insurance policy.

Please get in touch with us after Thursday, 16 July when we’re back online.

You can still rent movies using the BoxOffice Account or Credit Card. Should you not have funds in your account, please top up before 12 July 2016 or you may use the top up function on the BoxOffice site. Note that the top up on the BoxOffice site is via credit card only.

During this period, you won’t be able to:

  • load more funds onto your BoxOffice Account using any other method (other than the top up function on the BoxOffice website)
  • register as a new BoxOffice customer
  • add devices to your BoxOffice account


We’d like to encourage our customers who usually pay between the 10th and 16th of the month, to do so before 10 July.
You can get in touch with us via our call centre on 011 289 2222 or through our social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and the DStv Forum.