Raven's Home

Everyone's favourite psychic is back for more fun with Raven's Home - the highly anticipated spin-off from That's So Raven.

When we found out that Raven-Symone was on board for the second spin-off of That's So Raven, we can't lie, our inner kid jumped with joy. Now fast forward a bit and we finally can say that Raven's Home starts on Saturday 17 February at 08:35 on Disney Channel and streaming on DStv Now.

We ain't as cool as Raven with her psychic powers, but there's no doubt about it that we can predict that we're going to LOVE Raven's Home!

Raven has been fueling the nosalgia over on her Instagram for ages now. As we get hyped for her return, here are the posts that hit us in the feels - whether funny or emotional.

It's a throwback to all of the iconic Raven looks - Rae was ahead of her time fashion-wise!


We missed the clever jokes thrown into mix and Raven clearly appreciated them too!


We were reeling from the news too while having this #TBT photo hit us in the childhood feels. 


An iconic look from one of DIsney's most iconic stars. We're still dreaming of this look. 


Also, let's not forget that Raven once played a huge pop star as one of The Cheetah Girls - Disney Channel please take note that we miss these iconic cheetah-licious girls! Cheetah Girls, Cheetah sisters for life!


Seeing Raven and Anneliese van der Pol come together for the spin-off has made us all wanna be kids again! 

Watch Raven's Home starting on Saturday 17 February at 08:35 on Disney Channel and streaming on DStv Now.