The celebrity judges on Wedding Bashers.

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Whether you’re streaming live on DStv Now or watching later on DStv Catch Up, don’t miss any of the new and returning series, movies and sport this week - including XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Wedding Bashers S1 and The Sinner S1.

Friday 15 September

Mission: Saturn

Join the incredible first mission to send a spacecraft into Saturn’s orbit for us to discover more about the wonderful ringed planet.

Stream live on DStv Now at 21:00 o National Geographic (181).

Saturday 16 September

Anne of Green Gables

A charming retelling of the classic story, a young orphan girl is sent to live with a family who were looking to adopt a boy.

Stream live on DStv Now at 14:35 on M-Net (101).

War Dogs

Don’t miss Jonah Hill and Miles Tellar star in this true-story film about two friends who take their arms business and turn it upside down.

Stream live on DStv Now at 21:00 on M-Net (101).

Dawn French Live: 30 Million Minutes S1

Join Dawn as she reflects on the lessons life has taught her in this series premiere.

Stream live on DStv Now at 21:02 on BBC Brit (120).

La Porta Rossa S1

Don’t miss this exciting series premiere where a commissioner is killed after chasing a criminal, but after a vision he decides to not cross over to ‘the other side’.

Stream live on DStv Now at 23:00 on M-Net.

Sunday 17 September

Wedding Bashers S1

Join an A-list panel who attend weddings to give their critique. Join the fun the bashers have each week and see what they have to say.

Stream live on DStv Now at 17:00 on M-Net (101).

XXX: Return of Xander Cage

Vin Diesel is back! Returning as Xander Cage, times aren’t easy when he has to take down a terrorist group and can’t do it alone.

Stream live on DStv Now at 20:05 on M-Net (101).

The Infiltrator

In this true-story, a man is fully immersed in the world of drug cartels to infiltrate a deadly operation.

Stream live on DStv Now at 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere (104).

Dior and I

Take a sneak peek into the fashion house of Christian Dior - from colour to beautiful designs, don’t miss this exciting documentary.

Stream live on DStv Now at 20:30 on Sundance TV (108).  

Someone You Love

This Swedish drama has a focus on redemption when a dispirited musician has to look after his grandson and the two bond over music.

Stream live on DStv Now at 22:45 on M-Net (101).

Monday 18 September

The 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Who will walk away with an Emmy award? Tune in to find out!

Stream live on DStv Now at 02:00 on M-Net.


A man accused of a crime does everything in his power to prove his innocence.

Stream live on DStv Now at 20:00 on M-Net Movies Premiere (104).

Tuesday 19 September

Joanna Lumley’s Japan S1

Joanna's journey begins in the sub-zero temperatures of Hokkaido - Japan's wild north. Known for its rugged terrain, it is home to some of Japan's most endangered wild animals.

Stream live on DStv Now at 20:30 on BBC Earth (184).

The Sinner S1

Starring Jessica Biel, an unassuming housewife commits a violent crime during an unexplainable fit of rage causing her family to plummet into turmoil.

Stream live on DStv Now at 21:00 on M-Net.

Thursday 21 September

The 100 S4

In the fourth season we see Claire and her friends battle as they come to terms with the fate of the world after its future is revealed.

Stream live on DStv Now at 20:00 on Vuzu Amp (103).

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