Wayward Pines: Beverley

Do yourself a favour and join the Wayward Pines train if you haven't already!

Wayward Pines had my eyeballs wide on Thursday night. It was so hectic! I was beginning to feel sure of myself, to think that I had some security but then they managed to go and shock me!

First and foremost, that hospital is creepy. Why anyone would ever go there is beyond me. 

Secondly, what is with the sheriff and his ice cream?

Thirdly, that nurse is psychotic. The end.

And then there’s the question of what happened to Kate to make her into this Stepford Housewife machine? Speaking of a housewife machine, you can catch the The Good Wife box sets on DStv Catch Up with DStv Now and the DStv Now app available for Android and iOS.

All the rules were outlined but we had no idea what the consequences were. 
1. Do not try to leave. 
2. Do not discuss the past.
3. Do not discuss your life before.
4. Always answer the phone if it rings.

Beverley paid the ultimate price for speaking about the past. When the people of Wayward Pines all came out of their houses to look for Beverley and Ethan, my heart sank – what was going on? The cult-like citizens got hold of her and Sheriff Pope strung her up and slit her throat! Just like that! This was most definitely the most shocking moment of the episode on Thursday night, I really liked her... think happy thoughts - like about how we can watch the new season of Nurse Jackie starting on Friday 22 May at 21:00 on M-Net Edge.

This town is just – insane. I can’t get enough of the episodes because I want to understand! Ah the frustration!

Do yourself a favour and join the Wayward Pines train if you haven't already! You can catch it on FOX (channel 125) every Thursday at 21:00.

You can also watch Tyrant, FOX's latest addition to the family, on Wednesdays at 19:00.