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There’s more to being a secret agent than knocking back shaken - not stirred - martinis, as these undercover operatives prove in series on Showmax.


The idea of an undercover agent disguising themselves so that they fit in with the people they’re targeting has intrigued writers, filmmakers and audiences since 007 first swaggered onto the pages of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond book in the early 50s. You’d think, after almost 70 years of movies, TV series and novels based on this premise, that we’d have moved on by now, but, nope, we’re still hooked.


Here are 6 of the most addictive TV series on Showmax about secret agents, spies and undercover operatives.


Sleeper Cell Season 1 and 2

This hard-hitting crime series starring Michael Ealy as Darwyn Al-Sayeed, a Muslim FBI agent who goes undercover in a terrorist cell planning a chemical weapons attack on LA, was nominated for a number of Emmy and Golden Globe Awards during its two-season run. When we first meet Darwyn, he’s getting released from prison, but we don’t know why. And from there the questions just keep coming in this riveting spy thriller.

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BBC’s Undercover

This British miniseries sees Maya Cobbina, a lawyer who has defended a man on death row for 20 years, returning to the UK to take up the role of the country’s first black Director of Public Prosecutions. But when her house-husband partner receives an unwelcome visit, his secret about how and why he met Maya around the time of her friend’s death 20 years ago gets blown wide open and threatens to break up their family.

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iNumber Number

In this Showmax and Mzansi Magic co-produced series based on the movie of the same name (also on Showmax), disgruntled undercover cops Chilli and Shoes infiltrate a gang on the eve of a high-risk hijacking so that they can take a cut of the loot for themselves. This local series is seriously binge-worthy, so make sure you’ve got a few hours cleared from your schedule to watch the whole thing. And why not watch the movie too, while you’re at it?

Watch full episodes of iNumber Number online


Gangland Undercover Season 1 and 2

Former drug dealer Charles Falco is the only person to ever infiltrate the most dangerous and notorious biker gangs in the United States. This series tells the stories of his real-life experiences with the members of the Vagos gang, whose offences ran the gamut from carrying unlicensed firearms to murder. Falco went deep undercover inside the gang for three years and survived, only to infiltrate two further gangs to expose their crimes.

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Line of Duty Season 1 to 3

This British crime series has been nominated for numerous awards and has scooped a number of accolades. Steve Arnott is the Detective Sergeant assigned to the anti-corruption unit called AC-12 in the police force in the West Midlands, and together with his team, including undercover specialist Detective Constable Kate Fleming, must investigate officers suspected of corruption both within and outside of AC-12.

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To take down a drug kingpin, fearless Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents infiltrate his cartel. But this turns into a dangerous cat-and-mouse game as the boss and his family do whatever they can to protect what is theirs. Trust is not a luxury anyone can afford in this gritty, realistic 2003 six-episode miniseries, which has been described as a Mexican answer to The Sopranos and received an Emmy nomination for its casting.

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