Two of the actors in the show sit at a table and one comforts the other.

Season 3 marks the final season for K.C. Undercover on Disney Channel. Before we bid farewell, let's get ready for brand new episodes to still enjoy.

Hands up if you're a huge Zendaya Coleman fan and love her as much as us! She's come a long way since her Shake it Up days and she's back with new episodes of K.C. Undercover season 3 on Friday 2 March at 17:15 on Disney Channel and streaming on DStv Now

Did you know, season 3 marks the final season for the super cool spy series we've all grown to love. Yes, this is the last season of seeing K.C. Cooper kicking butt and serving #OutfitGoals. All is not lost though as we do have a bunch of brand new episodes to still enjoy and not miss out on!

Zendaya recently took to social media along with her fellow cast members for a walk down memory lane during her time as an undercover spy. 

Having watched her since her days as a young dancer alongside Bella Thorne, it's been a delight to watch Zendaya grow up to be such an incredible actress and fashion icon for the new generation.


Without a doubt fans were slightly extra with their responses about Zendaya's time on Disney Channel coming to an end... but she then served this comment. 


Then Daya's on-screen bestie, Veronica hit us in the feels.


We're not crying, you are! 


Are we even ready to say goodbye? 


Gear up for the final season of K.C. Undercover with new episodes starting on Friday 2 March at 17:15 on Disney Channel and streaming on DStv Now