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Fargo: the movie

Before the series, came the critically acclaimed Coen Brothers’ movie. The 1996 film stars Frances McDormand as pregnant Minnesota police chief Marge Gunderson. The no-nonsense chief is tasked with investigating two murders after a car salesman’s  (William H. Macy) plan to stage a fake kidnapping goes horribly wrong.

This darkly funny movie was nominated for and won numerous awards including Best Director at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, as well as Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards.

Fargo S1-S3: The series

Winner of six Emmys to date, including 2017’s award for Outstanding Music Composition for a Limited Series, and too many nominations to count (including for Outstanding Limited Series, Limited Series Actress and Supporting Actor), this dark comedy is based on the Coen Brothers film and is reimagined as a gripping crime series.

It’s full of suspense, it’s funny, brilliantly written and will keep you hooked as the intricate plots unfolds in each self-contained season.

Season 1

In the first season, insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman) ends up in a world of trouble when Lorne Malvo (Billy Bob Thornton) arrives in Minnesota.

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Season 2

Set in 1979, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, State Trooper Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) investigates a mystifying whodunnit involving the Mob, local criminals and a seemingly innocent beautician Peggy Blumquist (Kirsten Dunst) and her hapless husband.

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Season 3

Ewan McGregor stars as Ray Stussy as well as his older brother, Emmit, in the latest Fargo series set in 2010 in Minnesota. The rivalry between the brothers quickly gets out of hand. And of course, the mob are involved.

Seasons 1 and 2 are both on Showmax right now and Season 3 launches on 11 January.

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