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Holiday Home viewing enables you to watch DStv in the comfort of your holiday home.

How do I make use of holiday viewing?

You can log on to the DStv Self Service - Website to set up your holiday home decoder as well as manage your holiday viewing at your leisure.

Watch our step-by-step video below:

You can also make use of our Self Service platforms: 

  • USSD - Dial *120*68584# 

  • Twitter - Follow and like our page @DStvSelfService then send us a DM

  • FB Messenger - Search for @DStvSelfService, like our page and then send us an inbox message


What happens if I want to take one of my decoders on holiday?

You can visit our DStv Self Service - Website to remove that decoder from your XtraView set-up. If you have three decoders linked in XtraView, the remaining two decoders can stay connected in XtraView. If the decoder being taken on holiday is the primary decoder, you will need to change cabling to link the two remaining decoders.


I am a Price Lock customer – how do I activate my holiday viewing?

Option 1:

You can switch off your main home and switch on your holiday home. For this option, you do a like-for-like switch, so you stay on the same DStv package and use the same decoder as your main home.

Option 2:

You can also activate your holiday home while keeping your main home active. You can manage this on the DStv Self Service - Website. To use this functionality, you need to have indicated which decoder is your holiday home decoder on My DStv.

You can also take your DStv decoder on holiday with you – just ensure your holiday home has the correct installation for your Catch Up and BoxOffice to work.

You can also use DStv Now to stream live channels, and stream or download DStv Catch Up content to your tablet or smartphone. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and is available to all DStv customers, with live streaming channels and Catch Up content linked to the specific package of the customer.