Samantha Arias aka Reign on Supergirl.

In the seventh episode of Supergirl, Samantha Arias found out her origins shortly afterwards Reign was awakened from her subconscious.

In episode seven of the third season of Supergirl, we saw the awakening of Worldkiller, Reign who has been dominant in Samantha Arias' subconscious. Without a doubt, Reign will prove to be Supergirl’s biggest nemesis thus far in the series.

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Also, poor Kara (aka Supergirl) found out the love of her life Mon-El is married to Imra (also known as Saturn Girl in the comics) after he went through a wormhole that landed him in the 31st century.

As the third series continues on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) and on DStv Now every Monday at 17:00, Supergirl will not only have to deal with the matters of the heart, but the impending threat that is Reign who was ironically created as a weapon in Krypton, the home planet of Supergirl.

We would like to introduce you to the supervillain, Reign

- In the comics, Reign was created by Supergirl’s father, Zor-El.

- Other Worldkillers created by Zor-El include Deimax, Flower of Heaven and Perrilus. Hopefully, we will get to see these characters in the series in the not so distant future.

- The Kryptonian Science Council deemed Reign too dangerous and she was outlawed.

- She has powers similar to that of Supergirl and Superman which include super-hearing, superhuman strength and super breath to mention a few.

- Kryptonite weakens her.

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