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The Bachelorette, Vuzu AMP, Ashley Herbert, JP Rosenbaum

FashionMash talks about the fashionistas from The Bachelorette.

Whether you love the bitter-sweet underbelly of UnREAL (Thursdays at 20:00 on Lifetime (131) and on DStv Catch Up) or your inner romantic is fed by The Bachelorette (Fridays at 20:30 on VUZU AMP (114)), there’s incredible fashion left, right and centre!

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We take a look at three fairytale bachelorettes that shine through in the style department.

Watch our video below to see if you agree:


Baby Changes Everything, Mondays at 20:55 on TLC (135).

The Bachelorette Season 12, Fridays at 20:30 on VUZU AMP (114).