Oh the horror!

If you’re a lover of things that go bump in the night, you’ll undoubtedly be intrigued by creepy coincidences, or maybe not-so-coincidental happenings. From The Exorcist to Rosemary's Baby, The Crow to Psycho - here are the stories left behind.

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Watch the video below to see creepy things that went down on the sets and in the lives of those involved with some well-known horror movies


If this registers on your fright-meter, check out the following shows and movies, all available on DStv Now and Catch Up:

Outcast S2 (Mondays at 21:00 on FOX)
Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
From the creators of The Walking Dead, Outcast follows Kyle Barnes as he fights possession in his loved ones and his town.

Bates Motel S5 (Wednesdays at 22:30 on M-Net)
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Based on Psycho, this follows a young Norman Bates as he becomes the psycho in Hitchcock's famous film.

Poltergeist (2015)
Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
Spielberg's classic film remade; a family moves into a new house only to notice the young daughter start communicating with someone, or something.

The Vatican Tapes
Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
A priest and Vatican exorcists battle an ancient evil and try to save those being possessed.

The Boy
Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
A nanny is hired to look after a life-sized doll - which may be coming to life...

The Lazarus Effect
Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
A medical science team discovers how to bring the dead back to life, with terrifying consequences. 

Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
A woman retuns home to heal from an accident and encounters a dark force holding her captive.

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley
Watch it now on DStv Catch Up.
A possessed young woman fights an evil spirit that aims to take control.