Lek jou lippe af, VIA, Afrikaans, new

The hottest kitchen on TV right now!

If you like your cooking shows with a side order of eye candy, you’re in for a treat with Lek Jou Lippe Af, a brand-new show on VIA (DStv channel 147). On this new programme, which kicked off on Thursday 10 December, four guys who are easy on the eye but useless in the kitchen are nominated by friends and loved ones to enroll in a hands-on cooking class in Chef Nina Mitchell’s kitchen at the Pick n Pay Good Food Studio. It’s going to get hot in this kitchen – and we’re not just talking about the guys.

Our four hotties – Stephan Potgieter, David Johnson, Jaco Venter and Ruan Graaff – will bungle their way through the kitchen as they learn all the cooking basics: baking bread, making pasta, cooking meat, preparing a romantic dinner and more. There will be plenty of laughs but, with Chef Nina as your guide, you’ll also be treated to easy-to-follow steps to becoming kitchen-savvy.


“What makes Lek Jou Lippe Af different from other cooking shows is it’s a lot of fun,” Chef Nina explains. “There are a lot of jokes and a lot of laughs and we see a lot of flops – but we also see how the guys quickly develop a passion for cooking as they gradually get things right in the kitchen.”


Nina Micthell is an established chef has cooked for the likes of Margaret Thatcher but that’s not the only reason she’s the perfect choice to serve as the show’s presenter. Her philosophy in the kitchen in simple and unpretentious: “If you can eat, you can cook. Anyone can cook and food doesn’t need to be intricate to be fantastic.”


Tune in every Thursday at 16:30 to see which one of our yummy guys gets crowned (amateur) king of the kitchen!