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From Interview with a Vampire to Twilight and True Bloods, check out the trends of vampires from the movies and series.

Vampires seem to always be at the top of the "what’s hot" list, just like their ability to live forever With new releases of both movies and series, the vampire phenomenon has grown and adapted throughout the ages. The trend of vamps going from sparkly to scary and back again is simply fascinating.

Take a look at these very different takes on the creatures:

Fangs and fancy
In Interview with a Vampire (1994), Brad Pitt (with his gorgeous eyes) and Tom Cruise are vamps from the 1700s, telling a  story of love, lust, hunger, greed – all those #firstworldvampireproblems. The vampires are seductive, sensual, tough – and creepy in an I-don’t-want-to-bump-into-you-when-you’re-hungry way. They had the typical sharp teeth and pale skin, looked like they had partied too hard the night before and constantly appeared surprised yet bored at the same time.

interview with a vampire


All that glitters?
Then came Twilight (2008) and the Twihards that followed. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy the guilty pleasure of watching Twilight but sparkling vampires? A bit far-fetched for supposed centuries-old killers. So Edward and his shiny family eat animals, literally don’t bleed, are as cold and as hard as rock and run ridiculously fast. Oh, and some of them are special and have extra gifts, like mind-reading. Watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Tuesday, 21 July at 20:00 on M-Net Movies Action (110) or for another light-hearted vampire movie, watch Vamps on M-Net Movies Romance (107) on Monday, 20 July at 17:25.



True to form
Oooh now this is my type of vampire! The vampires in True Blood (2008) semi-coexist with the humans, can’t be in sunlight and drink real blood, or at least a synthetic subsitute known as Tru Blood. Their blood - “V” - is a drug to humans and they are hectic to say the least. From Bill to Eric, these vamps can love, but also share sordid traits like greed, lust and pride. There are the good vamps and the bad vamps but they’re all pretty badass. You can catch the Season 3 premiere of True Blood on 10 August at 22:30 on M-Net Edge (102).

true blood


Dead sexy
Ah the beautiful Salvatore brothers in The Vampire Diaries (2009). These vamps are also pretty cool, trying to get by undetected in an oblivious world. But just like normal people/vampires, they also make mistakes. They have extra speed and strength and wear majestic rings to stroll in the sunlight, but the really cool thing here is how they can turn off their emotions! Wow, can you imagine? Don’t feel like that break-up pain today? Switch off. Don’t want to feel the guilt after you’ve done something wrong? Switch off. Catch the dreamy Damon and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries on Vuzu AMP (116) at 21:00 this Saturday.
vampire diaries


Taking strain
The vampires of The Strain (2014) would be my least favourite vampire to meet. They look a little like aliens crossed with really evil goblins, with no hair and a yellowy-white-blue complexion. They open their mouths to about double their head’s height and can protrude the longest, grossest tongue you’ve ever seen. They are anything but good-looking, even losing their manly/womanly parts once infected because they adapt and do not use them. Can someone say ew! See what I mean when you watch The Strain on FOX (125) at 19:20 on Mondays.

the strain

So where do you think the trend is going next? I know I'm excited! Until then, keep entertained with DStv's vamps.