The presents of VIA's Vrydag 4 uur, Dirk and Alti

VIA (147) is here to navigate you through the heart overkill on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, regardless of what your relationship status is, VIA (147) is here to navigate you through the heart overkill. Whether it’s avoiding the Valentine’s Day hysteria or finally popping the question, VIA’s TV stars have got you covered with their smart and savvy tips.

Hoping to impress that special someone this Valentine’s Day? Start by polishing up your appearance. Aletté Winckler, image consultant and our savvy presenter of Hou op wegsteek (Tuesdays at 16:30), suggests keeping it simple: “Anything that’s too narrow, too short, too tight, too nude, too too will make you feel self-concious. Make sure whatever you wear fits like a glove. Comfort goes 100% with self-confidence. If you’re comfortable in high heels, wear them! But if you only wear heels once a year for your aunt’s funeral or your cousin’s wedding, Valentine’s Day might not be the best day to try out new heights.”

Once you’ve made sure you’re looking great, bring out the big guns. Plan a romantic weekend getaway to one the cool destinations as recommended by Vrydag 4 uur’s Dirk and Alti (watch every Friday at 16:00). Leroux Botha of Padkos (Mondays at 16:00) has the perfect menu for you for a romantic picnic with easy-to-make dishes.

But if you prefer something a bit more posh, try whipping up a three-course feast with delicious dishes from Herman Lensing’s Inspirasiekos met SARIE show (Mondays at 17:30).

If you’re planning on popping the question, Zavion Kotze of Zavion (Tuesdays at 18:00) has it covered. 

If marriage is the last thing on your mind but spending the day alone is a frightening though, try one of Schalk Bezuidenhout’s pick-up lines, such as “Are you a Rhodes statue? Because I’ve fallen for you.”

And if you hate this day Cupid made, check out Ken jy my? presenter Shimmy Isaac’s tips for being single successfully on the 14 February. VIA – your Valentine’s Day saviour.