The Grandmother Lovers

Tune in on Fridays this April as TLC Entertainment (DStv Channel 135) presents more OMG moments in its brand-new Shocking Lives programme stunt.

Tune in on Fridays this April as TLC Entertainment (135) presents more OMG moments in its brand-new Shocking Lives programme stunt, featuring a diverse mix of uplifting, jaw-dropping and downright bizarre one-off documentary specials depicting everyday people and their less-than ordinary lives.

Watch some of the most unconventional relationships imaginable as we are introduced to young men who only date elderly women in The Grandmother Lovers. For these women passion has no age limit as they reveal the secret to happiness in their golden years – finding love and companionship with much younger men.

In this documentary, we meet some eccentric couples including, 92-year-old Marge and her 37-year-old companion. These older women have been rejuvenated by their young lovers, they feel younger and are doing things they wouldn’t normally do.

Catch The Grandmother Lovers premiering on Friday 8 April at 21:50.

Then, The Boy With The Biggest Hands tells the story of eight-year-old Kaleem who suffers from an extremely rare condition that has caused him to have two giant hands. Doctors in India were baffled after his hands swelled to giant proportions. Kaleem's hands weigh 8kg each and measure 33cm from the base of his palm to the end of his middle finger. He is unable to do many basic tasks - including tying his shoelaces - and has been bullied and shunned most of his life.

Don’t miss his remarkable story airing on TLC Entertainment (135) on Friday 15 April at 21:50.

Later, The Women With The World’s Biggest Hips’ looks at four women who refuse to bow to the fashion industry’s demands, choosing instead to make the most of their curves. These voluptuous ladies Mikel, Denise, Marlena and Claudia, say they couldn’t be happier with their sizeable saddlebags, despite their daily struggles to get about.

Curvesome Mikel Ruffinelli, 42, who currently holds the world record for the biggest hips, measures in at a well-rounded 2m. However, for these women the visual perks come with physical drawbacks. Watch as we discover their highs, challenges and how they deal with public stigma in The Women With The World’s Biggest Hips’ premiering on Friday 22 April at 21:50.

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