Don't miss the brand new spin off from The Lego Movie, UniKitty! Expect all the fun on Cartoon Network.

Glitter? Check. Craziness? Check. Colour? Check. Tons of fun? Check. We can't wait to meet UniKitty because she seems like the bestie we always wanted! Meet the lovable unicorn-cat in UniKitty from Monday 9 April at 08:25 on Cartoon Network and streaming on DStv Now.

UniKitty's grand entrance comes at the perfect time because 9 April is National Unicorn Day - how perfect! We're living for all the magic, mayhem and fun that's promised in this brand new series. 

Not familiar with UniKitty? Let's bring you up to speed about why you're going to absolutely adore her as much as we do!

- UniKity is a hybrid animal: she's half unicorn, half cat. Basically she's all parts cute, lovable and awesome!

- Her big debut is occuring on 9 April, National Unicorn Day - a day mainly celebrated in the USA and UK, but we still have no idea who created it!

- UniKitty's original debut happened in The Lego Movie.

- UniKitty is voiced by Tara Strong who is known for The Powerpuff Girls (Bubbles), Fairly Odd Parents (Timmy Tuerner), My Little Pony (Twilight Sparkle) and many other well-known cartoon characters! Tara remains the queen of voice acting and you can see why.

- UniKitty has a brother called PuppyCorn.

- UniKitty can dramatically shapeshift her body.

- Voicing UniKitty would mean that this is the second princess Tara Strong voices - Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony is a princess too.

Watch UniKitty from Monday 9 April at 08:25 on Cartoon Network and streaming on DStv Now.