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Ultimate Toy Run.

Four Cape Town kids are through to the Cape Town heat of the Ultimate Toy Run from Toys R Us and Nickelodeon (305).

Four Cape Town kids have shown that they have the speed, guts and winning attitude required to achieve their dreams after getting through to the Cape Town heat of the Ultimate Toy Run from Toys R Us and Nickelodeon (305).

Toy enthusiasts Josh Neuman, Emma Unthank, Yusrah Josias and Ethan Bakkes will all be participating in the first heat of Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Toy Run at Toys R Us in Cape Town on Wednesday 29 June.

The thrilling competition for toy and gadget enthusiasts between the ages of 6 and 12 will see the four contestants race against the clock - raiding shelves and filling their trolleys with their favourite toys.

To get through to the next stage, the Cape Town contestants will have to heap up their trolleys with as many toys as possible within 60 seconds (maximum value R15 000). The winner will go head-to-head against the finalists from Johannesburg and Pretoria in an online video battle, as Nickelodeon fans make the final choice of their favourite runners.

The lucky winner will jet off with three friends or family to New York City to participate in the grand finale of Nickelodeon’s Ultimate Toy Run, with the chance to earn prizes valued at R71 200.

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