The cast of Tyrant.

Set against a backdrop of civil unrest, treason, bribery and corruption, Tyrant, the new FOX drama series premiers on the 20th of May at 21:00 (DStv channel 125).

Set against a backdrop of civil unrest, treason, bribery and corruption, Tyrant, the new FOX drama series premiering on 20 May at 21:00 (DStv channel 125), will have viewers hooked from the first episode.

Set in a fictional Middle Eastern town of Abbudin, it has been likened to The Godfather, and like The Godfather, there is no shortage of dead bodies, conspiracies and ultimately a tyrant reigning over it all.

The show, which stars Adam Rayner (Tracers) as prodigal son Bassam “Barry” Al Fayeed, promises a suspenseful 10 weeks, taking over a slot on FOX already heated up by Empire for the past two weeks.

The story picks up with Barry being faced with going back to Abbudin to attend his nephew’s wedding and therefore end his 20 year-old exile. What he doesn’t anticipate is that his simple Californian life as a paediatrician is about to change.

Barry’s father Khaled Al Fayeed (Nasser Faris, Ocean’s 12) has been a dictator in Abbudin since Barry was a child and when he dies suddenly, he leaves guilt-ridden Barry to step in and assist his older brother Jamal (Ashraf Barhom) run a country he knows nothing about anymore.  He is intent on helping Jamal change the status quo and persuade the citizens to trust that the Al Fayeeds’ can change. Barry however, soon proves just how much of an Al Fayeed he is, even if he won’t admit it.

Barry is immediately thrown back into the familial and national politics of his youth. He braces himself to confront the stark realities of Jamal’s harsh rule and his wife Leila (Moran Atias), who strongly believes in a firm, unforgiving regime. Barry’s wife Molly (Jennifer Finnigan) helps him to navigate his own family including his 16 year-old son Sammy (Noah Silver) who revels in the lavish lifestyle that their “royal” status brings, whilst his 17 year-old daughter Emma (Anne Winters) shares his disdain for the extravagances of palace.

Barry soon finds out that running a country is not an easy job and even the matriarch of the family Amira (South African born Alice Krige) can do very little to reign Jamal in.

Tune in to FOX, DStv channel 125 at 21:00 on Wednesday 20 May for Tyrant.