The walkers from The Walking Dead.

Warning! If you haven’t watched the Season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead, rush off and catch up on all the thrills and gut spills before reading any further. We’ll wait...

Caught up? Good. Now we can talk about the big question on everyone’s mind: Who decided to go full Shane and sound that darn horn in Alexandria?

We’ve identified four prime suspects:

Father Gabriel

Television’s most hated holy man has a strong motive. After Rick turned down his request to join the mission, you could sense Father Gabriel’s revenge-o-meter shooting up to eleven and spot the crazy burning in his eyes. Maybe he decided that the Safe-Zone needed cleansing and it was his calling to initiate it? The man is seriously unhinged, so nothing should surprise us. 

Ron Anderson

Even though his father had the charm of a lead pipe to the head, Ron hasn’t handled his death all too well. He already holds a bro grudge against Carl because of his relationship with Enid and we’re pretty certain that he doesn’t like Rick for popping his old man either. Throw in some teenage angst, access to a horn and trouble is the only viable outcome for this angry, young man.

Carl Grimes

Wherever there’s trouble, Carl is never far from it. It’s more than likely that he channelled his spirit animal, The Strain’s Zach Goodweather, and decided to do something stupid – like sound a horn to summon a horde of zombies to Alexandria. What would be his reason? To show off his gunslinging skills to Enid, of course. Face palm.  

The Wolves

Introduced in Season 5 as a group of hostile survivors, the Wolves are more than likely to cause some havoc this season – especially in Morgan’s life since he casually locked two of them in a car and sounded the dinner bell (horn) for the walkers. Could this be some sweet justice on their part?

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