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DStv signal problems can be minimized when your DStv installation is done correctly. The accredited installer will ensure that your DStv satellite dish receiving the correct DStv frequency.

On occasions, you will experience DStv signal problems which will turn your smile upside down. At times the issue is simply an incorrect installation with results in your satellite dish receiving correct DStv frequency.

What causes signal loss in my decoder?

  • Heavy storms
  • Incorrect dish size. The recommended size for a satellite dish is 80cm for all installations
  • The satellite dish is not correctly aligned

What can I do if the signal loss persists?

Why am I getting the E43 error?

  • The channel is not available in your country. However, if you should be receiving the broadcast from the channel contact the DStv Call Center
  • For more details on error codes and how to fix them, visit

Can I watch DStv Catch Up in the event the signal loss is caused by a heavy storm?