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Man with sparks working on weapons

The duality of tradition and weapons in peace and war across America.

Isn’t it curious, how in times of modern peace some men actively seek to master the ancient craft of making bladed weapons in order to reclaim the past, while other men are desperately trying to understand the historic roots of the conflict threatening the 21st century?

All this duality of tradition and weapons runs parallel in America and makes for contradictory expressions of culture. On the one hand, descendants of Appalachia who migrated to the Ozarks, an area stretching from southern Missouri into northern Arkansas, actively forego technology in Forged:  Iron & Fire.  On the other hand, those who despise western values and catapulted America into a battle without rules or conventional tactics gave rise to the Age of Terror, a new era that began on 11 September 2001. 

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Join traditional blacksmith Daniel Casey, an expert in a field dominated by men twice his age, and get a glimpse of how he and his extensive family explore this unique culture that survives centuries after the migration of men searching for a last stronghold against the outside world. Mondays at 20:15 CAT, Forged: Iron & Fire, starts 4 September 2017 on HISTORY (186).

Age of Terror starts 24 September at 20:15 CAT on HISTORY (186), and reveals the events through the lens, from the morning that America woke to the most devastating assault in its history, through to the American way of life today, including the rise of the lone wolf and random strikes against civilians. Finally, it focuses on how the world is rising to meet the threat of counterterrorism.

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