Dyl and Vix and Emile and Razia are the final two couples on Power Couple SA.

Newlyweds PJ and Marzanne Kleinhans from Cape Town became the sixth couple to exit the show in Thursday’s nail biting and emotional episode of Power Couple SA. This means that Dyl and Vix from Salt Rock in KwaZulu-Natal and Emile and Razia from Johannesburg are the final two couples who will be up for a public vote to determine which one of them will become South Africa’s first Power Couple.


At the top of the show, the three couples were informed by Ryan O’Connor that they would be tasked to do an “amazing race” around Cape Town. The couple to complete the race in the fastest time would automatically be fast tracked to a spot in the final. Moreover, the couples had a choice: they could either invest all of the money that they’d accumulated throughout the competition so far, with the view to double that amount if they completed the challenge, or they could play it safe and only invest R1 000 on themselves to complete the “amazing race”. PJ, Marzanne, Vix and Dyl were occupying the Top 2 positions of the leader board with over R700 000 in their kitties respectively, while Emile and Razia had just over R500 000 in their electronic wallet. Knowing that they don’t usually excel in physical challenges, Emile and Razia played it safe and only wagered R1 000 on themselves, while the two more competitive and physically strong pairs both went all in, meaning that if they were successful, they’d both end up with over R1.5million in their wallets!


The race around Cape Town included some miniature versions of previous Power Couple challenges, and in the end, Dyl and Vix completed the challenge in the quickest time, earning them an automatic spot in the grand finale. Their best friends PJ and Marzanne also crossed the finish line with time to spare, meaning that both of these duos earned themselves a huge amount of extra cash. Emile and Razia’s conservative bet paid off for them, as they took the longest in the challenge, and managed to maintain R508 000 in their electronic wallet.


It then came down to a sudden death challenge the next day between Emile and Razia, and PJ and Marzanne. The epic challenge would put their physical and mental endurance levels to the ultimate test, as each couple would have to hold onto straps attached to a suitcase weighing 20% of their collective bodyweight while standing on a platform that exposed them to all of the elements: wind, cold rain, snow and fire. The couple to let their suitcase touch the floor first would lose the challenge and be eliminated. Both couples fought tooth and nail against the elements and the suitcases that became increasingly harder to hold on to, but in the end – after almost an hour of endurance - PJ let his and Marzanne’s suitcase slip while trying to adjust his grip, and they lost the challenge, along with R1.536million that they had accumulated for themselves.


All of the contestants were gutted by the result, including an emotional Emile and Razia who went in as the underdogs and emerged triumphant. Now the power has shifted to the viewers to decide which couple they want to win. Voting lines are officially open, and will close at 09:00 on Wednesday 9 December ahead of the live finale on Thursday 10 December.


To vote for Emile and Razia, fans can SMS their initials “ER” to 34085. Supporters of Dyl and Vix can SMS their initials “DV” to the same number, 34085. SMSs cost R1.50 and terms and conditions apply. Fans can also vote via the MnetTV account on WeChat. The Top 2 couples will embark on a whirlwind campaign tour kicking off in Johannesburg on Friday 4 December, and will be visiting PE, Durban and Cape Town over the weekend.

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