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Navigate the crossroads where love turns into hate and where light and darkness meet with kykNET's two thought-provoking series Knapsekêrels and Skelmpie.

Soul-searching, complicated family ties, cheating – are there solutions?  What are they? Watch these hot topics on kykNET’s two series Knapsekêrels and Skelmpie.  Watch kykNET (DStv 1447), and streaming live on DStv Now.

The drama Knapsekêrels, every Tuesday at 20:00 includes the following cast: Armand Aucamp, Christia Visser, Terence Bridgett, André Odendaal, Odelle de Wet, Shimmy Isaacs, Brendon Daniels and Dawid Minnaar.

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Naomi Fortuin wants to know from her son: “What is a knapsekêrel? His answer: “It’s a guard who holds onto his mission for dear life.” After the success of Vlug na Egipte and Terug na Egipte, well known author Paul C. Venter and director and producer Human Stark collaborate for the creation of yet another true South African story. Knapsekêrels is the story of four families (the Bekker, Zimmerman, Davids and Fortuins families) who get to know each other by chance when a family member of each family gets involved in a race for survival.

When Skalkie gets appointed by the Zimmerman family, he doesn’t realise how complicated it will get, especially since Baby Tjoklits and Chilly have other ideas about how the security situation should be handled at the various mansions. Each character has their own hidden agenda and before they know it, all hell breaks loose. At the critical point between right and wrong, where love turns into hate and where light and darkness meet – that is where the dangerous underworld of Knapsekêrels can be found.

Skelmpie, a talk-show, is presented by Rian van Heerden every Saturday at 20:00, and deals with all the questions about trust and broken promises in relationships.

Few things are worse than when a third party is involved in a relationship. What happens then? Should you and your partner break up or should you give him or her another chance? And if you are willing to give another chance, will you ever be able to trust him or her again? Will you ever be able to trust anyone again? In the brand new series, Skelmpie, we chat to people who are familiar with this type of scenario all too well. We chat to victims, cheaters, as well as the people being cheated with. Skelmpie will definitely keep you glued to your seat. The programme was already a hot topic of discussion when the call to entry was launched to invite people to be guests on the show. Get ready to see how these problem relationships are solved.

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by Alice da Silva