An image of Buddy Valastro who is the Cake Boss

Spring is here and TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) has new season premieres of loved shows this September. 

Our favourite psychic from Long Island and the popular baker from Hoboken return in new seasons of Long Island Medium, where we see Theresa and Larry start a year-long celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary, and Cake Boss as Buddy tries to cope with the challenges of a growing business while staying true to his roots. 

I'm Married To...

September will also see more jaw dropping moments of the most outrageous, bizarre and downright creepy scenarios in new episodes of Outrageous 911 and I’m Married To….

The first day of the month kicks off with the return of Long Island’s favourite psychic medium, Theresa Caputo. Watch as vibrant Theresa continues to turn numerous sceptics into believers as she enables them to communicate with those who have passed. She also deals with her inability to turn her gift off, which occasionally annoys her family. Catch the season premiere of Long Island Medium on Tuesday, 01 September at 20:00.

Outrageous 911 also returns to explore the most outrageous 911 calls which were either recorded on tape or answered by dispatchers. The show features real life emergency stories and the craziest 911 calls that left dispatchers, doctors and paramedics baffled. Watch as these stories are told through dramatic re-enactments and interviews on Outrageous 911 premiering on Wednesday, 09 September at 20:55.

Then, everyone’s favourite baker, Buddy Valastro is back whipping up amazing cake creations. With Carlo’s Bakery being a household name, the responsibilities have grown along with the business. See Buddy and his cake crew take up new challenges as they prove that no matter how sticky the situation - a family that bakes together stays together. Watch the return of Cake Boss on Monday, 21 September at 20:00.

Ending off the month is a new dose of #OMGTLC as we take a glimpse into unconventional partnerships and discover a world where love knows no boundaries. The saying, "Love is blind" has never been so true as viewers  get a window into the lives of offbeat couples who are making love work through the most bizarre situations. Just when you think you have seen it all, this show proves that you most definitely haven’t! I’m Married To… premieres on Wednesday, 30 September at 21:50.