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Charlie Goldsmith is blessed with the ability to heal using his mind, a method that surprises the most highly qualified scientists.

Having superpowers that help one perform miracles in people’s lives must be the most amazing and yet overwhelming gift one can possess.

Watch The Healer from Tuesday, 13 February at 20:00 on TLC. Also available on DStv Now. 

In the new series, The Healer, Charlie Goldsmith possesses a healing gift that has the world in shock and curious to know more about it. This series captures moments when Charlie heals people from all walks of life who have previously sought medical attention with no success. 

Charlie surprises the most highly qualified scientists with his healing method of using only his mind. He also helps the community with his unique skills.  We see him attempting to heal a two-year-old boy whose complicated genetic disorder has left him in horrible pain and then he goes on to help a mother to regain her ability to walk.  He even gets to work with film star, Jennifer Grey who suffers from chronic neck pain. 

Now his gift has called on many from across the continent in the efforts to witness the miracles he performs and also be in line to receive healing.

Witness these life changing miracles on The Healer from Tuesday, 13 February at 20:00, on TLC Entertainment (DStv 135) and be inspired.

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