An image from Getty of Titus Welliver who stars as Harry Bosch

Titus Welliver talks about his role in the Universal Channel adaptation of Michael Connelly’s Bosch novels.

Universal Channel's police drama, Bosch, sees LAPD detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) solve homicides while dealing with his own personal trials.

Titus describes this role as “more reserved” than the previous characters he's played, adding that Bosch is “a hard-edged character who has a good moral compass”. He explains that even in the Michael Connelly books, Bosch is a man of few words. 

He adds that he is a big fan of the books which he used to inspire the way he played the role. 

“I didn’t really have to prepare for the role because I’ve had a fair share of roles as a police officer. I read the three books and the materials a couple of times. It was a very fast process,” Titus says. 

Speaking about the filming, Titus says that he enjoyed it - especially the silent moments. 

“The directors were in agreement for moments of silence where the audience could connect and have some private time with the character. It was a nice surprise,” he says. 

Similar to the book, each episode presents a different setting with its own plot and resolution. “Each episode contains a certain quality of writing and directing which sets it apart because of the way the format is presented and the material will appeal to different people.”

Titus explains that people may want to watch it slowly, taking the time to relish in each episode like each chapter of the book. He adds that he felt a deep sense of reward when they wrapped up the first season and he saw his work in the production. 

Speaking about future pursuits, Titus reveals his desire to return to the stage. “I still wants to do plays with actors I haven’t yet worked with and also some I have worked with like Ben Affleck.”

“I’m also looking forward to the filming of Season 2 of Bosch.” 

To relax, Titus says that he watches a lot of HISTORY (DStv Channel 186), Discovery Channel (DStv Channel 187) and National Geographic (DStv Channel 181), and enjoys series like True Detective and Better Call Saul, among others. 

Watch Titus Welliver as Bosch on Wednesdays at 20:50 on Universal Channel (DStv channel 117).